Sedation Dentistry in Laurel, Maryland

Licensed in sedation dentistry, Dr. Tehrani has more than 10 years' experience with the practice, receiving her certification from the Dental Board. Ensuring she remains at the top of her practice, Dr. Tehrani takes 24-hours of continuing education each year.

IV Conscious Sedation

IV conscious sedation uses the same class of sedative medications as with oral conscious sedation, but the medications are administered intravenously. This allows a faster response time for the medications and provides the ability to better modify the level and length of sedation. As with oral sedation, IV sedation leaves you conscious and able to respond, but sedated so that you have little or no memory of your dental visit and none of the anxiety normally associated with that visit. Sedation patients often describe feeling like they "slept" through the appointment. IV conscious sedation is more effective than laughing gas alone and makes the visit easier for both you and your doctor.
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  • You Have High Anxiety or Fear about Dental Visits
  • You Have Had Traumatic Dental Experiences in the Past
  • Need Wisdom Teeth Removed
  • You Have Difficulty Getting Numb
  • You Have Strong Gag Reflex
  • You Have TMJ Trouble
  • You Are Afraid of Needles
  • You Have Sensitive Teeth
  • You Hate the Noise & Smell Associated with Dental Care
  • You Have a Busy Schedule & Need Dental Visits Combined into Fewer Appointments