Dental Care in Laurel, Maryland

Dr. Saideh Tehrani in Laurel, Maryland, is a professional dental practitioner offering expert dental care and preventative maintenance services to keep your teeth and mouth healthy for life.

Regular Dental Checkups

This is a visit with the dentist and hygienist to have radiographs taken, teeth cleaned, an exam, and oral hygiene instructions. Checkups should be done at least every six months. Having regular checkups help to prevent periodontal disease and catch small problems before they become large.

Proper Home Care

Home care consists of brushing properly twice and flossing once a day. This sounds easy, but remember the key is in using the proper techniques. A dental professional can demonstrate these techniques and individualize them to your specific needs.

Preventive Care

The easiest way to cut down on the cost of dental care and future problems is through prevention. From regular dental visits and checkups to proper care at home your teeth will give you a lifetime of service.
Proper Home Care - Dental Care in Laurel, MD

Preventable or Treatable Adult Oral Diseases

For adults, effective plaque removal is the basic essential oral home care procedure. Removal of plaque not only prevents cavities and gum disease but also enhances the overall sense of well-being by ensuring your mouth feels and tastes good. Brushing needs to be done in a circular manner using a soft toothbrush with light pressure. The best approach to tooth brushing is one specifically designed for your abilities and tooth status provided to you by your dentist. Periodic applications of fluoride by your dentist can be supplemented by daily use of fluoride-containing toothpaste. There is no evidence that fluoride use at recommended doses is dangerous. To help ensure a healthy mouth, it is recommended that each person see a dentist every six months.
At each visit, you should receive a comprehensive intra-and extra-oral examination, and a thorough questioning regarding changes in oral conditions and habits. X rays should be taken periodically.
Preventable Adult Oral Disease - Dental Care in Laurel, MD
When redness, irritation, bleeding, soreness, sensitivity to temperature changes and/or chewing is present to such a degree that it interferes with daily routine or persists for more than two weeks, the problem should be investigated by a dentist. Often the situation is easily treated. However, it is always to the person's advantage to investigate a dental problem before it becomes commonplace, and ignored. Remember, oral cancer is painless in its early stages and is most "treatable'' in its early stages. The older adult is in the most likely age for the presence of a lesion. The presence or absence of teeth is not related to the possibility of developing a cancerous lesion. The Surgeon General's Report states that oral and pharyngeal cancers are diagnosed in nearly 30,000 Americans annually, primarily the elderly. More than 8,000 die from this disease each year.