Teeth Whitening in Laurel, Maryland

Dr. Saideh Tehrani is an expert dental practitioner with 20 years of experience. Dr. Tehrani provides affordable dental care and teeth whitening services to help keep your smile big and bright.

Teeth Whitening Facts

Zoom!® is a new bleaching process that lightens discoloration of tooth enamel (the hard, outer portion of teeth) and dentin (the portion of the tooth located beneath the enamel). Among the most common causes of discoloration are aging and through the daily routine of eating and drinking various substances. Coffee, tea, wine, the tobacco in cigarettes, and even some antibiotics can cause discoloration. The procedure works for most people; however, results using Zoom! vary for each patient. Many people are whitening their teeth now, and with quick procedures like Zoom!, it's even easier and more convenient, especially for busy individuals.
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